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Longmen CNC machining center
Longmen CNC machining center

Gantry CNC machining centers are mainly developed on the basis of milling machines, and can also be called Gantry milling machining centers, but many people are used to calling them Gantry CNC machining centers. This machining center is one of the high-volume, widely used CNC machine tools. The main features are:

1,An automatic internal tool changer is added on the basis of the CNC boring machine, so that after the workpiece is installed once, the surface of the workpiece can be continuously processed in multiple processes, and the process is highly concentrated.

2,Under normal circumstances, there is an automatic indexing rotating worktable or headstock, which can automatically rotate the angle, so that the workpiece can be clamped once to automatically complete the multi-process processing of multiple planes or multiple angular positions.

3.The machining center can automatically change the spindle speed, feed rate and the path of the tool relative to the workpiece, as well as other auxiliary functions.

4.If the machining center has a replacement workbench, the work piece is processed on the workbench at the working position, and the loading and unloading of other work pieces on the workbench on the workbench will not affect the normal processing of the work piece.

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