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CNC High Speed ​​Drilling and Milling Machine
CNC High Speed ​​Drilling and Milling Machine

CNC high-speed drilling and milling machine processing is one of the more commonly used processing methods in mechanical processing, mainly including plane milling andContour milling can also be used for drilling, expanding, reaming, boring, countersinking and threading of parts. CNC milling is mainly suitable for the processing of the following types of parts.

1,Flat parts

The plane part refers to the machined surface parallel or perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the angle between the machined surface and the horizontal plane is a fixed angle part,This type of treatment surface can be extended to a flat surface.

2,Ruled surface part

The ruled surface part refers to the curved surface part generated by linear movement according to a certain law. When using four-axis or five-axisCNCWhen a milling machine processes parts with a ruled surface, the moment the machined surface contacts the circumference of the milling cutter is a straight line. This kind of part can also be approximated by wire cutting on a three-axis milling machine.

3,Three-dimensional surface parts

Parts whose processing surface is a spatial surface are called three-dimensional surface parts. The machined surface of this part cannot be developed into a plane. Usually, a ball-end milling cutter is used for cutting. The machined surface and the milling cutter are always in point contact. If other tools are used, it is easy to interfere and mill adjacent surfaces. The processing of three-dimensional surface parts usually uses a three-axis milling machine.

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