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CNC Floor Boring and Milling Machine
CNC Floor Boring and Milling Machine

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of machining workpieces on the CNC floor boring and milling machine:

1. Programming skills. Programming is the basic work of a floor boring and milling machine. The pros and cons of the workpiece processing program directly affects the machining accuracy and efficiency of the machine tool. You can start from many aspects, such as using inherent processes to reduce accumulated errors and flexibility in the system Use main procedures and subroutines.

two,Adjust the process system

1. Adjust the trial cut method and pass the trial cut,measure size,Adjust the amount of cutting tool,Pass cutting,Try to cut again and repeat until the desired size is reached.This wayProductivityverylow,Generally mainlyUsed for single-piece small batch production.

2. The adjustment method obtains the required size by pre-adjusting the relative position of the machine tool, fixture, workpiece and tool.This wayLaw productivityCompareHigh, mainly used for mass production.

Three, reduce machine tool error

Fourth, reduce the transmission error of the transmission chain

Five, reduce tool wear

Sixth, reduce the force deformation of the process system

Seven, reduce the thermal deformation of the process system

8. Reduce residual stress

Nine, reasonably set processing routes,Reasonable settingFloor boring and milling machine processingRoute and processing sequence is an important basis for optimizing the programming of workpiece processing,It can be considered from the aspects of processing trajectory and feed method.

10. Tool selection and correct installation

11. Reasonable choice of cutting amount.

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