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company's product
company's product
High-speed computer gong
High-speed computer gong

High-speed computer gong processing is also called CNC milling machine processing, and its features are as follows:

1,The parts have strong adaptability and flexibility, and can process parts with particularly complex contour shapes or difficult-to-control dimensions;

2,It can process parts that cannot be processed by ordinary machine tools or are difficult to process;

3.Able to handle parts that can be processed in multiple processes after the clamping position;

4.The production efficiency is very high. It tells the computer that gongs generally do not need to use special process equipment such as professional fixtures. When replacing the workpiece, you only need to call the processing program to store it in the CNC device, and the data in the clamping tool and adjustment tool , Can greatly shorten the production cycle. In addition, its spindle speed and feed speed can be changed steplessly, so the choice is favorable and the sales volume is very favorable;

5. The processing accuracy is high and the quality is stable and reliable. The pulse equivalent of the high-precision CNC system can reach 0.1um, which can also avoid some operating errors by the operator.

6. A high degree of production automation can reduce the labor intensity of operators. Conducive to the automation of production management.

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