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company's product
Gear Head Machining Center
Gear Head Machining Center

Features of Gear Head Machining Center:

1,There are certain specifications for the thickness of the worktable and the surface quenching hardness, which is more stable and durable;

2,The precision of the main shaft tells the bearing that, in addition to the special grease lubrication inside the bearing, the main shaft tire is equipped with a loop oil cooling system, and the main shaft can maintain high precision under high and long-term operation.

3.Spindle adopts modulusThe gear drive of 3 is designed for high-rigidity cutting and special tooth profile processing and grinding, and has a design that can tell the operation, low noise, high rigidity, and heavy cutting of the spindle head. The spindle also uses kinetic energy balance correction, as well as direct correction of the online dynamic balance of the gear set on the machine, so that the spindle can avoid resonance at high speeds and ensure the processing accuracy during high-level processing. With the high-horsepower motor, the torque output is large and the range is wide. The low speed can be output by the high torque, which is suitable for heavy cutting.

4. It adopts high-strength four-petal claw pulling force, large contact area, strong grip, small loss of handle pull nail, and long service life. Specially designed cutting water is injected into the spindle to keep the inside of the spindle clean.

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