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Factors Affecting the Finish of Swing Head Machining Center
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Today, Tsuno CNC Technology is here to share with everyone present that it should be absorbedSwing head machining centerWhat are the factors of finish? If you are interested, come and read it!

1. A few elements

From a genomics point of view, the tool shape and genomics point of view, especially the radius of the front arc, the entering angle, the sub-deflection angle, and the amount of feed in the cutting amount have a great influence on the surface roughness.

2. Physical elements

Taking into account the physical properties of the cutting process, the rounded corners of the cutting edge and the kneading and conflict behind the tool will cause plastic deformation of the metal material, which will seriously deteriorate the surface roughness. When processing plastic materials to form band-shaped fragments, it is only necessary to simply form a high-hardness accumulation edge on the rake face. It can replace the rake face and cutting edge for cutting, thereby changing the tool's point of view and swept back, and the swing during the cutting process increases the surface roughness parameter value of the workpiece.

3. Process elements

Considering its influence on the surface roughness of the workpiece from a technological perspective, there are mainly elements related to the cutting tool, the workpiece material and the processing conditions.

The surface roughness of the parts will directly affect the conflict and wear. The rougher the surface, the more serious the wear. At the beginning of the wear, the surface roughness micro peaks are quickly smoothed, and the amount of wear increases rapidly. After a period of work, the contact area between the moving surfaces increases, and the wear rate will decrease. If the surface is lubricated and dense, the microscopic peak height and sharpness are smaller, so a lubricated dense surface is more wear-resistant than a rough surface. But the appearance is too lubricated, which is not conducive to the storage of lubricating oil. On the contrary, it will increase the appearance conflict coefficient, and cause the metal surface to heat up and cause the phenomenon of "stickiness".

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