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Daily maintenance and maintenance of gear head machining center
Edit:Anhui Jinye CNC Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2021-01-28

Generally speaking, the gear head machining center and the traditional machine tool processing procedures are similar, the main difference is whether the machining center is clamped once, and the cutting process is completed after continuous automatic processing. Therefore, the gear head machining center is after the CNC machining is completed. Be sure to perform maintenance and maintenance operations. Let's learn more about it with Tsuno CNC Technology Co., Ltd.!

1. After completing the cutting task, remove the chips and wipe the body in time to keep the equipment and the environment clean.

2. The shutdown procedure should be standardized, turn off the power and main power on the machine operation panel in turn. Follow the principle of manual and automatic return to zero, no other requirements. The equipment should also be at low speed, medium speed and then at high speed at the beginning of operation. After there is no abnormal situation, the low-speed and medium-speed running time shall not be less than 2-3 minutes before starting to work.

3. Check and replace the parts of the machining center. First, check the oil scraper on the slideway. If it is worn out, replace it in time. Check the condition of lubricating oil and coolant. If there is turbidity, please replace it in time, if the water level is lower than the scale, add it.

4. Standard operation, it is impossible to knock, correct or correct the chuck or the workpiece on the top. Before proceeding to the next operation, it must be confirmed that the workpiece and tool have been clamped. Do not arbitrarily disassemble or move the insurance and safety protection devices on the machine tool. Efficient processing is actually safe processing. As a high-efficiency processing equipment, the operation of the processing center during shutdown should be reasonably standardized. This is not only the maintenance of the currently completed process, but also the preparation for the next startup.

In order to make the gear head machining center more profitable, you must not seriously carry out maintenance and maintenance operations. Do you feel that you have not heard enough? Hurry up and log in to Anhui Jinye CNC Technology Co., Ltd. to check!

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