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Four-axis five-axis machining center introduction five-axis machining center
Edit:Anhui Jinye CNC Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2021-01-27

The five-axis machining center is a high-tech and high-precision machining center, which is specially used to process some complex curved surfaces, and can also perform high-precision machining on complex spatial curved surfaces. NextFour-axis five-axis machining centerI will give you a detailed introduction to the relevant features and content of the next five-axis machining center, and those who are interested can come and have a look!

There are two ways for the rotation axis of the five-axis machining center. One is to rely on the rotation of the vertical spindle head, the front end of the spindle can be wound aroundThe Z-axis rotates 360 degrees and becomes the rotating head of the C-axis. The rotating head also has an A-axis that can rotate around the X-axis, which can usually reach ±90 degrees or more to achieve the same function as the above. This setting method has two main advantages:

(1) The processing is very flexible, and the worktable can also be designed to be large. The huge fuselage and huge engine housing of passenger aircraft can be processed in this type of processing center.

(2) When we use the spherical surface to machine the curved surface, when the center line is perpendicular to the machined surface, since the linear velocity of the spherical milling cutter tip is zero, the surface quality of the workpiece will be poor at the cutting vertex. The spindle rotation design is adopted to make the spindle rotate at a certain angle relative to the workpiece, so that the spherical milling cutter avoids topping, guarantees a certain linear speed, and improves the surface processing quality.

This structure is very popular in high-precision curved surface machining, which is difficult for rotary table machining centers. In order to obtain high rotation accuracy, the indexing accuracy is within a few seconds. Of course, the manufacturing cost of this type of spindle is relatively high, and the rotation structure will be more complicated.

Today, I will share the characteristics of the five-axis machining center. Anhui Tsuno CNC Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of four-axis and five-axis machining centers. If you need such products, please come to our company to visit and consult!

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