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Operation points of horizontal CNC machining center
Edit:Anhui Jinye CNC Technology Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2021-01-26

Many operators may ignore some of the details when operating a horizontal CNC machining center. Let's follow the editor of Anhui Tsuno CNC Technology Co., Ltd. to share the key points that need to be paid attention to in the operation of the horizontal CNC machining center.

The main points of operation are as follows:

1,To ensure that the processing content of the workpiece is completed within the stroke range of the spindle;

2. Try to clamp all the processing content at one time. When the clamping point must be replaced, please pay special attention not to damage the positioning accuracy due to the replacement of the clamping point. If necessary, please explain in the process documentation. In order to make the bottom surface of the fixing device contact the workbench, the flatness of the bottom surface of the fixing device must be within 0.01-0.02mm, and the surface roughness should not exceed Ra3.2um.

3. The fixture should have as few parts as possible and high rigidity;

4. In order to simplify the positioning and installation, each positioning surface of the fixture should have an accurate coordinate size relative to the processing origin.

5. For the horizontal machining center with interactive worktable, the fixture design should prevent the space interference between the fixture and the machine tool due to the movement, lifting, lowering and rotation of the worktable.

6. The fixing device should be as open as possible, the space position of the clamping element should be as small as possible, and the fixing device should not interfere with the tool path of the work step.

7. After disassembly in a short time, it can be replaced with a fixture suitable for the new workpiece. Since the auxiliary time of the machining center is compressed very short, the loading and unloading time of the support fixture will not be too much.

8. In order to ensure the consistency of the part installation position and the direction of the selected workpiece coordinate system and machine tool coordinate system in programming and orientation installation.

Regarding the operating points of the horizontal CNC machining center, you must pay attention to the operation process, which can extend the service life of the machining center. If you need to purchase, you must come to Anhui Jinye CNC Technology Co., Ltd. to provide you with satisfactory products.

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